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IMaSS Emerging Contaminants Day

Italian Mass Spectrometry Society (IMaSS) is proud to introduce You:

IMaSS Emerging Contaminants Day

Traditional and “Emerging” PFAS

a common concern for environment and food science, connected by food packaging issues.
Special focus: novel strategies for the analysis of new generation PFAS

September 15th, 2022, University of Bologna

Preliminary program:

The participation to the Workshop is free-of-charge for all IMaSS members in good standing with the 2022 membership fee.
The workshop is open to non-IMaSS members too, with the following fees:
50 Euro remote attendance
70 Euro in person attendance


PFAS are widely employed in several fields, such as domestic use items, medical devices, paper and general packaging materials, fabrics manufacturing, automotive, and so on… They are a critical issue for environment. They are as well a very critical issue for their presence in food.
Indeed, a lot of PFAS-containing materials bump into food: food packaging, cookware (for instance, non-stick pans), single use plates, glasses and silverware (materials later released in the environment…) Food packaging, hence, become a sort of link between environment and food safety.